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Brown Boxes with Sheriff Stars

My friend Dwight Yoakam has always bought the most
fantastic gifts for his pals. Briefcases that look like saddle
bags, belt buckles that look like saddle bags, and saddle
bags that look like briefcases with belt buckles on them. The
stuff always comes in a Billy Martin's box.

I only started shopping at Billy Martin's about a year and a
half ago, but I'd say I must be among the top two or three
customers in terms of consistency. I now give my pals
brown boxes with sheriff stars on them containing all the
aforementioned goods. And it all started the day Dwight
gave me a pair of chocolate brown stingray boots. Billy
Martin's is my North Pole and a sweet girl named Carroll is
Santa Claus. And Santa's helpers: Gail, Sandi, Joy, Tammy
and the bootmeister Pascal are the friendliest and coolest
help in town. From shirts to belts to boots to skirts to
jewelry, each item in the store is a treasure. It's a magical
journey each time I go in.

I even buy for royalty at Billy Martin's. Such dignitaries as
Andy Griffith and Bruce Dern are laden with gifts from me
and Billy Martin's. Recently a friend and I were trying to
decide on a gift for Melissa Etheridge's birthday, and
simultaneously we said "Billy Martin's!" This place made
me realize I have good taste. I can't say anything else other
than this is my favorite store. Period.

Billy Martin's is at 8605 Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles.
Telephone: (310) 289-5000.
In New York, at 220 E. 60th St.
Telephone: (212) 861-3100.

--Billy Bob Thornton

Reprinted with Permission