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Symbol:  BLYM (As in “Baseball's Lucky Yankee Manager)
Traded: OTC “Pink Sheets”

Hitech Resource Corp., a public company quoted on the National Quotation Bureau's Electronic Quotation System (known as the "Pink Sheets''), changed its corporate name to Billy Martin's USA, Inc. and its trading symbol to BLYM in anticipation of completing the acquisition of Billy Martin's Western Wear, LA, Inc.

Billy Martin's is a developer, marketer, licensor and retailer of high-quality, popular-priced American and western-inspired consumer products. The Billy Martin's brand name is one of high fashion, style, and an affiliation with VIPs and celebrities from the entertainment world.

For IR information, call 310-289-5000,
or write doug@billymartin.com

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Billy Martin's USA, Inc., 8605 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90069